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Which subjects do I need for PPE?

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Hey everyone! I will be doing IBDP next year, and I have chosen PPE as my future course in the university. However, I am not sure about my IB subjects. I have a list of my choices :

Azerbaijani A (my first language) SL

English B SL/HL

Maths HL

Biology or ESS SL (not sure about it because i dont need neither of them, i just want to get the easiest one) which one should I choose?

Economics HL

Global Politics or Geo or History HL/SL ( I am not sure about this one either because people recommend me each and every of them, I think global politics would me more useful but I’m not sure) which one would be more useful?



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Hey! I hope I'm not too late, for PPE, I would recommend:




Global Politics (I think this would help in the politics part of PPE)

English B HL (This will really help you in an English speaking university since you're not a native English speaker, and I believe it isn't that hard)



Azerbaijani A 




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