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What if IA value calculated is wrong?

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I just spent days and have written over 2,000 words to discover that what I calculated is far off any literature value on the internet. I obtained around 12 Pa*s when the values on the internet are less than one. I was just wondering if I can still score marks on the evaluation, even if I am really far off a true value? It's frustratig because I have gone over my working tons and tons of times and don't see areas where I could have gone wrong.

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Don't worry, don't panic, it happens to all of us.

The whole evaluation part is looking back and reflecting on what you have done, looking at the certainty of the value, the certainty of the methodology, and the comparison to the value found from secondary sources.

If I was in your situation, I would first of all look at my formulas and theorems used, try to validate them, and try to spot any mistake, you would be surprised. If not, look at the time I have,  look at if I can redo some aspects of the experiment, and if not, include in the evaluation what went wrong, why it went wrong, what could be done to prevent it, and how we can find a value thats as close as possible to the actual value.


Hope this helps.



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