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I haven't done so well in SAT, 1250 only. My IB predicted score is 39 including 6 from math HL, 7 English HL, 6 Chemistry HL. I'm applying to UCSD, UCLA, UCSB, and USC. Are my admission chances still good?

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Your predicted score for IB is good enough to be competitive at all those schools. I'm unfamiliar with the SAT's scoring method as when I took it, it was different, but I'd say that you'd want to be in at least the 80th percentile (sorry I don't know what that would be as a score). Anything lower might hurt your chances, but chin up because you still have essays to really boost yourself as a candidate. It's hard to comment on your chances as it's hard to know how much schools value IB predicted grades vs. SAT results, but I would say they're very good if your SAT percentile is above 80% and okay if it's above 60%.

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