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Fancy terms SEHS EE

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This doesn't only apply to Sports science, but when using an advanced term (let's say abduction. The word isn't used in everyday life.), are we required to explain what the term means? Or can we just throw it out there? :)


Thank you ;)

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My general advice is to assume that the reader (the examiner in this case) has familiarity with your subject. That means, if writing a math essay, I don't need to explain integration. I would have to explain hyperbolic invariant sets, as that's a MSc/PHd level topic in university math courses. If I'm writing a history essay, I don't have to explain what a Catholic and what a Protestant are. I should briefly state though, that generally protestants did not believe in adorning their churches with artwork as that saw that as an excess of the Roman Catholic Church, as somebody who primarily focuses on 1800's Japanese history might not know that.

If you're unsure, err on the side clarification. Make its short, one sentence description and that should be fine. Most of these definitions should be found in the intro.

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