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trabajo escrito spanish b sl

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Hey guys,

I have this Oxford Spanish B textbook and I'm just wondering what is the "trabajo escrito" section for? There are texts and sources, including ideas on what you can write on that topic. But can I actually use any one of the topics presented in that section and also the source texts? Thanks for any responses.

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The trabajo escrito (I nearly put an "el" in front of it instead of "the" just there) is part of the Spanish B External Assessment that all students will do. Unlike most externals, this is not done as part of your "final exam", but it is graded by an examiner who is independent and not your teacher. Rather, I believe it's supposed to be done in class (my teacher had us to it at home because she wanted to use class time for teaching). Make sure to follow the text type guidelines that you choose carefully. If your teacher hasn't yet introduced it to you, then I wouldn't worry about it too much. I believe that for SL the requirement is three sources and that it be 300-400 words, but again, don't worry about it if your teacher hasn't introduced it and it is easily one of the more painless assignments in IB.

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