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I found out (first time I was told) that our Bio IA topic and protocol is due Thursday... 3 DAYS FROM NOW... And I have no idea what I'm gonna do. I was thinking about doing something to do with human perception of color and I have experiments I can manipulate to use but I don't know if they'll work as an IA. Also, freshman year in Bio we need a sort of experiment in which we tested the strength of taste for different students by giving them a nasty flavored paper and seeing how they reacted to it (some people wanted to vomit and some could hardly tell there was a flavor). And I don't know much about it but I wanna know if it's within the realm of possibility to do something with it before I go ask my old teacher what it was.

Basically, I want my experiment to include people and be something that isn't too difficult (because I'm not too bright). Any ideas and/or feedback? PLEASE!

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