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Tips for English A L&L Paper 1 [Poem Analysis]

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Hey guys!

My class recently did a few in-class Paper 1 samples, and I did absolutely horribly in them! I seem to always get the wrong main idea and impression of the poem that we get, and the teacher told me they were not convinced by the examples I used to back-up my main idea. 

So I was wondering! Does anyone have any tips for analyzing poems you have never seen before? 

I already am aware of the "Read the poem at least 3 times before analyzing" rule! 

What can I do to be as close as possible to the real main idea?

Are there any works that you guys can recommend me to read to gain a better insight of poem analysis in English A Literature and Language? (I'm HL, btw!)

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Er, SL English here, but I guess I would say is instead of doing a full paper 1 practice, focus on getting your analysis right? Maybe ask your teacher if she has any examples of paper 1 texts or just texts to analyse in general and try and make a plan for that text, making sure to try and understand the main ideas. For now, I would say read the text carefully, perhaps try and figure out if there's anything special about the time period of the publication and see if that would shine some light on the analysis. But I have to say, poems aren't the only types of texts that come up so.....don't be too worried? Hope this helped haha

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