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What up guys.

Got a query regarding sig fig.

Is it true that we follow 3 sig fig all through the math exam if the question isn't specify otherwise? Like no matter how the large or small the value is?

For instance, assuming the calculated answer is 126702, the final answer must be 127000?

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When I took the exam, I wrote out the numbers fully for the most part. For example is the number was 9386345 I wrote out 9386345. The only time I used the 3 sig fig rule was when the number was something like .986843354567. Then I wrote .987. My guess is they aren't super particular about when you use it. It probably is just there so people don't get an answer of .9385632598 and just write .9. (This is purely my speculation, for the record.)

We were told exact or 3 sig figs. (and use your best judgment when to only write out 3 sig figs.)

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