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Playing an instrument eligible for CAS project?

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Hello community,

I only have my CAS project left, and I was wondering whether playing an instrument at an official club could count as a CAS project. I wanted to start learning to play the piano, and ever since I've been a kid, I haven't been able to do so. Now that I can do it and have enough time, I want to pursue this dream of mine as well as linking it towards CAS as a project. Is it eligible for a project or not? If anyone could help, I'd be delighted!

Kind regards,


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Depends on how you do it. What I've learned about the CAS project so far is that it needs to have at least two of the three elements of CAS, and it needs to be worked on for at least a month continuously. So, if you practice playing your instrument for at least 30 days continuously, and possibly schedule an event where you perform a song for the community and raise money that is donated, then it is a CAS project (Creativity and Service). You could even create a music video in which your song is playing and you are doing a dance routine that you have learned (Creativity and Activity). However, if you simply play your piano for 30 continuous days, then it is a CAS experience, not a CAS project. 

Hope this helps :) 

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