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Using abbreviations in psych exams

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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering whether it is actually allowed and acceptable to use abbreviations such as p's / pp's (participants) and indv vs coll (individualistic vs collectivist, idk if this is the right abbreviation for it but ya) for the exams? If so, does anyone have like a list of abbreviations that we could use for the psych papers?

Also i tend to use "&" instead of "and" for all my subjects, does anyone know if this will affect my grades??

Thank you!

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Abbreviations are fine if they are used correctly. The first time you mention the word you want to abbreviate it should be in parentheses e.g. participants (P's) which communicates it properly. I would suggest making the abbreviations capital so they stand out a bit more. If your abbreviations affect the readability for the examiner then it could cost you marks.

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