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We are creating an ethnograhic piece in my IB theatre class, and we are asking questions on social media platforms pertaining to our topic, so if you could give you honest answers that would be greatly appreciated :)

1) What do you think when you hear "I'll tell you when you're older"?

2) How do you feel the specific way you have been raised (religion, shared knowledge, etc) will affect your experiences as an adult?

3) Is there anything your parents told you that you wish you DID NOT know? If so, what?

4) Is there anything that you wish your parents DID tell you? If so, what?

**You don't have to respond to all of the questions, just one or two would be fine! Thank you in advance for your participation!**

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1) I can only think of either dramatic incidents/secrets or "birds and the bees". Don't know why, to be fair. Heard that phrase in this context way too many times I guess?

2) I think the country I have been brought up in definitely affects the way I see myself and others, both positively and negatively. There are certain values I focus on more than the country I have been raised in, which causes some conflict, both internally and externally. Religion didn't really affect me, as ever since I was young I never really was a firm believer and never really agreed with church's views on politics/other agenda.

3) No, not really. 

4) That life is more than just what we show to others, and it is much more than just success or failure. Being brought up in a rather academic environment I often classified people/events by these two groups, and it made me quite miserable at times. Life's much more grey, and we should enjoy it. 

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1) I think that it's not fair, as when I ask for something I feel I should receive some kind of explanation.

2) I think that I have been raised as an independent thinker, which has allowed me to question a lot of the things that people have taught me and to avoid being manipulated into doing things I don't want.

3) I don't think so.

4) That life is not just about school and grades, but also about enjoying oneself. And that happiness is more important than success.

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1) I think of the many times my uncle would say this when I was a kid. Mostly, it was a joke sort of thing.

2) absolutely. I was raised to be an independent thinker and to stand strong for what I believe.

3) Not really.

4 not really. 

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1) I feel like whoever's saying it to me is being condescending.

2) Intensely. I think religion specifically often ingrains a lot of concepts within people to an extent which can be hard to break away from and form independent thoughts from.

3) Nothing, really.

4) Nothing I can think of.

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