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Applying to LSE w/ 42 Points (out of 45) for Government and Economics.

I am an international applicant with a compelling story; how does this place me (in terms of chances?)

I have taken every recommended courses, HL Math, etc. 

Any advice or chances recommended...

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I think you cannot really look at your application just in terms of grades and numbers. There's much more to it, like your personal statement, work experience, reference... so many other things that make up you as a person. Only knowing your predicted grades doesn't give us much insight into who you are, other than that you're obviously quite a studious person. 

Naturally, LSE is quite a competitive school,  even more so for an international student, but if you followed their recommendations then I'm sure you'll be fine. 

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As long as you meet the minimum requirement, your application will be considered.  After that, it's based on the strength of your personal statement.  Just don't write a US-style college essay, nothing will get you placed at the bottom of the heap faster.

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