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Hello guys,

I would like to ask you one thing: Is double-spacing and font 12 like a must for the IA in Maths SL, so that if you don't do it you get penalized? I'm asking because I have too many pages because I used double spacing, but with 1.15 spacing and font 11 I would be fine with pages.

Thanks for answers :) 

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It's an IA and not an external, so it's best to ask your teacher. But IB generally does not have any particular style rules. That being said, common sense and academic writing norms hold true. I'd say you're fine to turn in with 1.15 spacing and font 11, especially if your teacher didn't say anything. But check with your teacher as an IA is different from an external as teachers can whereas moderators cannot mark down for that, and if your teacher says it needs to be double spaced then be clear and say that he/she never said that and to fit in your page limit you needed to use the spacing font you did.

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If you have too many pages, use font 12 and 1.15 spacing. 12 is the maximum you can set your size to (meaning you can't go below that). If you do go over that, then decrease the spacing. If you still go over, remove some unnecessary information. 

And yes, you can get penalized for extra pages, wrong font, etc. Also, make your pages look well designed by adding borders and a table of contents, it will boost your mark for personal engagement. 

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