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Anyone know how to break a metal scanner?

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So my school guards were given 2 metal scanners to check for phones and I really hate that. So I want to try and attempt to fry the scanner's system. If anyone knows a lot about how these devices function, please say something.

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Maybe you can squeeze your phone between the wall and detector, carry it in an envelope adressed to a teacher or try to get it in through a open window (concelaed in a lunch box or sth), idk, not an expert in phone smuggling. You can try wearing ridiculous amounts of metal to fool the people checking or hire some gang to burn down your school. No other ideas. Hiding things in plain sight is often a good trick, like with the envelope I recommended, you could even hand it to whoever is by the scanner and they probobly won't realize its a phone. If its made well enough and you act with confidence.

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