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Hi guys, I'm just wondering what can be an easy example of a CAS Project that does not require a lot of people. Can it be learning hard choreographies and posting videos of yourself dancing to prove that you've been learning? I don't have people to collaborate with, so what can I do?

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I think one of the criteria of the CAS project itself is to collaborate with people :erm:

I don't think learning choreographies is sufficient because you need to demonstrate some sort of planning process, however, it could be a regular CAS activity. 

Some examples of CAS projects I've done are:

Writing + filming a math cover of a song (collaborated with some friends)

Service project involving the planning + management of a stall collecting donations for a charity foundation (this was done in one of our service clubs)

Setting up a website that has healthy nutritional food recipes to promote healthy eating (did this with 2 other friends of mine)

Hope this helps

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Well, since you don't have anyone to collaborate with, I can recommend a few things:

Activity: Do some sports like swimming, boxing/kickboxing, running etc. I did all of these and after 2 months got a six pack XD.

Service: Organize a bake sale. I organized mine on some day in December. I asked people to bring food, drinks etc. The benefit here is that whoever participates would've done a "Service", therefore this should attract more people. You, on the other hand, will get the service and a benefit of organizing it.

If you're into computer science and coding:
Make some sort of app that can benefit IB students. For example, my friend and I made 3 apps: Physics and TOK revision app. Now we're making a tourist app for our country.

Or honestly, if you're too lazy to do any of the ones mentioned above, try this:

Option 1:
Go to a beach, take a picture of yourself picking up trash like a banana or plastic cup, and claim that you cleaned some part of the beach. You'll have the picture as the backup. 

Option 2:

Go to the beach with friends/family, leave a very small amount of trash around where you're sitting, ask your friend/family member
to take a picture of you picking up the trash. 

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