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I've discussed this in a past post, and it has led me here.

Rundown of GCR: influx of refugees from Haitian Revolution --> Territory of Louisiana --> GCR (many disputable events because of historians; worries Claiborne that Territory of Louisiana will not become a state of US, so he undermines the GCR to make sure US will accept Territory as a state) --> Louisiana becomes a state

For my extended essay I will be analyzing the historiography of the German Coast Rebellion from the following historians in order to understand why the GCR is often overlooked:

  • Charles Gayarre
  • Adam Rothman
  • Francois Xavier Martin
  • Alcee Fortier
  • John S. Kendall
  • Daniel Rasmuthen

I will also discuss the a factor of Claiborne wanting Louisiana to become a state. 

I do have a general idea of my research question, but I am not sure what the final one would be? So far I have, "To what extent has historians Gayarre, Rothman, Martin, Fortier, and Kendall shaped/downplayed the events of the 1811 German Coast Rebellion?" 

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