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Will university accept me

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I want to apply to universities in Holland for a bachelors degree in psychology however I have gotten a 26 predicted grade in IB. I look at the entry requirments for the universities I want and it says that the entry requirments are just  an ib diploma so my question is if I apply do I have a good chance of getting accepted if they only want a diploma even though I have 26 points for predicted 

Thank you

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Do you have a specific university in mind? I do know that most universities just want you to have taken the subjects and passed. They don't ask for a 6 or 7 like other countries. For instance, if you want to study Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft they just want you to have passed English, HL maths and HL physics. That is, I think, at least a four in the HL subjects and a 3 for English if you do it at standard. It is like this for most universities, though if you have one specific university in mind I would advise you to look at their requirements. Most Dutch universities literally just want you to have a diploma, because it shows you worked hard. I hope this helps.  

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