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NaNoWriMo for CAS, or How I Sill Can't Write a Novel Even for CAS...

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So, I decided I would try to finally win NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, for CAS this year. I love writing, and it's something I've wanted to win for a long time (about 4 years now). Needless to say, it flopped even more spectacularly than the previous three years combined. So, where did I go wrong?

It possibly had something to do with the fact that I've got a lot of work all of a sudden (even if I don't really- I'm still waiting for the EE and the IAs to come crashing down on me after Christmas... >.>), and that my music started becoming much more time-consuming and serious in recent weeks, so I just haven't had time to work on it. I've been working hard for my singing, since we've got a lot of concerts and events coming up, and I've been practicing piano too (although not nearly as frequently as I should be).

Or it possibly has something to do with the fact that I was side-tracked by one Mr. Otto von Bismarck over there (I'm looking at you, A.J.P Taylor!). History HL anyone? I love it, but it also caused me to start a new story halfway through the month, and those of you who know about NaNo know that that really doesn't help with the word count. I decided to rebel and count the two stories for NaNo, since I threw the NaNo rulebook out the window a few years ago anyway. 

Nothing has worked for me this year (I blame IB for that, mostly. >.>), but I decided to enjoy it anyways, since next year I probably won't have time for it, between EE, IAs, and college applications. So, have any of you got NaNo stories to share? I'd love to hear them. :D 

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I got 8000 words as I had to do it for during my sophomore year (one year before IB) in my creative writing class (8000 was near the bottom of the range for my class so I was quite bad. I am really meticulous and speed and writing don't go together for me). Once in IB, I wasn't as daring (foolhardy?) as you to attempt such a thing. I had already resigned myself at that point. So be proud of yourself. ;)

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