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URGENT Help with EE research question

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Your question is interesting. It's definitely not simple. I have a few thoughts:

  • At first, I was going to say, "Not to nitpick, but you're doing and Lit essay, and not a Lang and Lit essay" (categories 1 and 2 are lit, 3 is lang/lit). Then I saw your your question though, and I don't know, perhaps this could repurposed as a category 3 essay. I don't have any experience with category 3 essays, but I'd advise you to not do that not do that or at least to speak with someone more knowledgeable about it if you want to.
  •  "Oppression" is not a theme. This also may sound nitpick or pedantic, but it's very important in IB lit. analysis, and you will lose points if nobody has gone over this with you yet. A theme has to be an independent clause. It can't just be a noun. Nouns are motifs.
  • You ask a very good question regarding it being "not focused enough on the literary analysis IB wants". That's key in all IB lit. assignments and IB have clear preferences, for better or worse. The good thing though is that this question doesn't really violate their rules. It has an interesting meta aspect to it, but really it leads to you naturally talking about literary devices, and that's a recipe for success. Obviously, you're going to be talking about characterization, and be sure to hit a wide array of devices beyond that. 

P.s. This isn't at all to pick on you; I'm genuinely curious. Why the Handmaid's Tale? It seems like everyone has been doing it recently.

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Guest nmpa13

@Nomenclature i chose this novel because in my opinion it complements the idea of female oppression found in the Scarlet Letter!

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