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So I am writing my math IA on magic squares and I just got my draft back from my teacher and I'm currently at a level 2 :(

My problem is we have not been given any guidance on writing this exploration and the feedback I was given was vague with little suggestions for improvement.

If anyone could give me some pointers on writing an exploration it would be greatly appreciated  

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Make sure that your math commensurates with the contents of your course, whether this SL or HL. I do not know much about magic squares but you must make sure that the math involved in the topic is rigorous enough to be correlated with the math involved in your syllabus. Can you identify similarities between the math you've been learning in class with the math in your IA? If not, it is likely that you will be missing out on a majority of points, as the use of relevant mathematics is worth more points than any other criterion (6 points). The other criterion includes communication (4 points), mathematical presentation (3 points), personal engagement (4 points), and reflection (3 points). Analyze the requirements for the criterion carefully and make sure you are incorporating them into your own IA, use this published by the official IBO for a better understanding of these requirements.

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