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Can anyone suggest what I should base my Written task 1 on?

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According to thinkib.net the "written task 1 is an 'imaginative piece' in which you demonstrate your understanding of the coursework and type of text. For example, you could write a letter from one character to another character from a novel that you have read for Part 3 or 4. Or you could write a journalistic review of a speech that was studied in Part 1 or 2."

I would suggest sticking to the works studied during your course that was provided by your teacher. I don't necessarily know what the IB says about using a work that was not studied in any part of your course but to be safe, just stick with the ones you have been provided with.

IB survival has a thread about writing an English A Language and Literature Guide for Written Task 1 

I hope that helped.

- K

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