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topic for math IAs

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hi everybody

i need a topic for math IA.

i have taken math at SL level yet i am no expert at it and thats why i really want my IA to go well , to compensate for any lost marks.

does anyone have any ideas??

P.S : i live in a boarding school so....my resources are KINDA limited....

please help :):) 

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You could look at things like 'coding' which is a well known topic, or proving a theorem. I am looking at Modular Arithmetics for my IA which you could also do. Or game math if you are interested in that. 

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I'm not so great at math either but I found a few websites to help decide topics for Maths IAs.

The ones on this website and this website are organized by math units and are for SL and HL 

This also helps in deciding the topic and planning for a Maths IA, they do have a separate section for the SL but it does involve subscribing to the site. Your school might have an account and you could ask a teacher if you wanted to.

I haven't even decided what I'm going to do for my Maths IA yet.

Hope that helps in any way though!

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