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HL Psychology Online (help needed)

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Hey guys,

So I'm taking HL Psychology on Pamoja (currently in week 12: UNIT 3: Biological Approaches to Behaviour) and I'm struggling a lot. I find it hard to keep track of everything I've read about even when taking notes. The class moves kind of fast and my teacher constantly tells me that I don't use enough psychology terms. I've tried constantly reading each rubric for how to answer questions and even listing down words I don't understand to use it in the future. I'm engaged in discussions and I continue to keep trying harder to hit all the necessary things when answering an SAQ. If anyone has any tips, it would be a great great help. My teacher had also said that everyone is getting from 1-6 out of a nine. He mentioned that a 4-6 is okay but I still want to achieve higher. Any help will be appreciated! Even just notes or input!

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I'm currently taking Y2 of HL psych.

The most marks I've received from an ERQ are 18/22, which in my opinion is okay, it's a seven.

In IB psychology, you need to write the essays just as you are told to, and it just takes practice to reach the top marks. You should also note that the grade boundaries of IB psych are quite low, which means you can get a 7 from essays "easily", it is just about remembering all the details to all the studies. 

When it comes to finals or the end of the term examinations, I would focus on ERQs, they're worth 22 points whereas the SAQs are only worth 8 per each. My strategy has been that I only study one level of analysis properly. As you already know the exam question from the learning outcomes, from the two remaining levels of analysis you only go through the studies that could be in the SAQ questions (look at the command term to find out which SAQs are possible), minimizing the things you need to remember. This allows you to reach for the top marks for all SAQs AND the ERQ without trying to remember every detail of every learning outcome. Then you just need to study the options and the qualitative research chapters.

I, personally, focused on BLOA as seemed the most interesting for myself, but I would suggest you to focus on CLOA, as you'll be doing your IA on it. 

With this strategy, I obtained a 7 from the first end of the term exam (did not include options).

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