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Worth changing? Diploma to courses?

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Currently under a ton of work, and I have been considering moving from the IB Diploma to courses. Effectively cutting away EE, and TOK. 

Is it ever too late to do this?

Is it recommended?

Has anyone done this before?

Thank you, hope someone can help! 

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  • I presume that it's never too late. There are questions of logistics such as dropping IB courses before paying your exam fees as opposed to after, but you should make the decision that's right for you.
  • This is honestly difficult to answer. I can't for you. There are a wide variety of people doing the IB in wide variety of situations. Consider future prospects, current quality of life, mental health, etc. 
  • Hahahah, yes, I assure you there have been loads of people who have and trust me, none of them will be on their death bed ~60 years from now saying, "My one big regret in life is that I wish I completed IB". It doesn't make you less valuable just because you don't a sheet of regular computer printer paper saying you scored this amount in subject x and that amount in subject y. I know it's hard to have perspective as your life is currently oriented around IB, but it's really a pretty minor thing.
  • Dropping IB is a thought that enters through all sane IB students' head at one point or another. Learning to deal with adversity is valuable to a certain extent, but sometimes there are compelling reasons such as personal issues, pragmatic reasoning, etc. that make dropping the best option.

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You should consider whether this will not limit your university choices, as in some countries certificates are not considered a sufficient qualification. 

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