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Math IA Literature topic

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Dear Sir's/ Madam,

I am currently struggling to derive a suitable Math IA topic for my Math Sl course. My teachers say choose something personal, that interests you. I am very interested in language and literature. Are there any Math IA topics that are associated with language and literature?

Thank you in advance.

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Sometimes it does not work so nicely in which your IA is something you are super interested in. You should brainstorm a lot of ideas and select the one you are most comfortable with, rather than the one most interesting. IB does look for something personal, that is, you are doing your best to make your IA different from other IAs on similar topic. When you know a lot in your IA topic, it's much easier to develop personal insights into the math. As for your teachers, obviously they want you to pick a topic you like so you are motivated to work on the IA. However there is a difference between a topic you like, and a topic related to a subject you like. 

Best of luck!

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