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Questions from a potential IB student

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Hello! I am in currently in Grade 10 (CBSE), I am looking to transfer to the IBDP next year. I have a few questions so I thought I would ask all of them together.

1. Is the transition from CBSE to IB really hard? I am willing to take on a huge workload but I want to know what to expect.

2. I am looking to get into a medical college in the UK and I wanted to know whether Maths HL is mandatory, I would like to take Biology and Chemistry at HL. Since I am not a very "mathematically inclined" person I wonder whether it would be fine if I took Math at SL?

3. Also if anyone could suggest a suitable subject combination for me that would be highly appreciated. I am quite good at languages (English and French) and Science.

Thanks in advance!

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Can't really help you much with question 1, for I did the IGCSEs, but I will try and help with other questions. My transition was quite good, I didn't struggle much. My classmates did seem to struggle more/less so it really depends on the person. 

2) No, it is not mandatory. I took HL maths for over a year and decided to drop it despite doing well in the class. Even if you are doing well, you also have to balance your life outside of school with extracurriculars that are relevant to medicine in order to make your application look appealing. I do, however, think that HL maths helped me work under pressure and maximise my cognitive abilities. The logical part of me definitely thrived, and I think it was a good learning experience. If you wanted to, you could take maths HL and drop it if you don't feel like continuing with it in senior year. 

With SL maths I managed to receive two interview invitations already and an offer for molecular genetics, so you will be more than fine. 

3) If I were you, I'd take

HL Bio, Chem, Psychology(or any group 3)/Language

SL Maths, Language, Group3/Language

For your EE I'd advise a science-based one. In my opinion it 100% helped my application, and I had admission tutors ask me about it when I went to the open days of different universities. It is not a necessity but definitely something worth discussing :) 


Good luck!

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