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which is easier to take computer science  or biology im in dp1 and i have bio sl the teacher does not really know how to explain , although she treat and explain everything in polish language her mother tongue . and im not haveing good grades with her at all 

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Computer Science is not easy. I say that even though I scored higher in computer science than bio.

I'm sorry about your experience in Bio. I was fortunate enough to have a great teacher. Bio is hard, but for example, we used the Pearson IB textbook and you could do at least okay if you read and studied the book diligently, regardless of teacher. I found the textbook for that class to be pretty good.

For computer science, there's no standard textbook (to my knowledge) and if you're learning the object-oriented programming (OOP) option, then be prepared to spend significant time learning how to write programs. A lot of my friends complained that computer science was really hard; most did do okay on exams though.

Both subjects are difficult.

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