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Opinions on subjects?

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So I'm starting grade 11 in January and I'm starting to have really bad anxiety. I've seen seniors in my school do IB, and the amount that they study really scares me. I don't know if I'm making it out to be worse than it actually is, but I'm really scared and don't know what to do. 


My subjects are:

HL theatre

HL Language and Literature 

HL Social and Cultural Anthropology 

SL Biology 

SL Math Studies

SL Ab-initio Mandarin


Does anyone have any advice/idea about these subjects and how hard/easy they are? Anything I can do to prepare in advance? 

Thanks! :)

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I can only speak about SL math. 

In tenth grade, you most likely took 11th advanced functions(or some 11th grade math course). This, along with the tenth grade math course, is basically Math SL with extra stuff added on(with the addition of extra units, like probability and statistics). If you found these courses in tenth grade difficult, you’re going to have a similar time(maybe a little worse) in eleventh.

In math sl, the use of a graphing calculator is more emphasized. It makes life more easier, though.

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