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Hi, guys! I was wondering if I could do an EE on the persuasive language, literary and rhetoric devices used in Martin Luther King's speech "I Have A Dream"? It's something that really interests me, analyzing speeches, what makes them effective, what doesn't and so on.

Thanks ahead of time!

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First, I'd just like to say that I referred to the 2018 EE guide to answer this, it's really helpful and can probably answer most general questions faster than we can. From the EE guide:

Category 1

A specific analysis of the language (its use and structure), normally related to its cultural context or a specific text.

Category 2  

A sociocultural analysis of the impact of a particular issue on the form or use of the language:
(a) based on an examination of language use
(b) an essay of a general cultural nature based on specific cultural artifacts.

Category 3

An analysis of a literary type, based on a specific work or works of literature exclusively from the target language.


Your essay would be classified as a Language B Category 2B Essay. They give some really good examples in the guide that show why this is a category 2B Essay and not a Category 1 Essay. You likely will have to research and comment a bit on U.S. society and racism in the 60's. The EE guide outlines the rubric with which you'll be graded. Definitely check it out. Your school should have provided you with a copy, but it's freely available online. Good luck.

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