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Studying in Germany after joining IB late; Help!!

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Hi guys,

I attend a school in Germany that both offers the Abitur system and the IBDP. After the first semester of Abitur, I realized that IB would be better for me so I discussed a switch with my IB coordinator. He said I could either join the IB next semester (2nd semester) after the christmas break or join the IB from scratch next year. 

NowI want to join as soon as possible and rather not retake the year but in IB, but my coordinator said that without a report for my first semester, I wouldn't be able to study in Germany.

To what extent is this true and does this apply to ALL Universities in Germany?? Like can I still use my IB final grade to join certain private or international schools in Germany? 

And is there absolutely no way I can study in German without my first semester report??

I also read about a "studienkolleg" which IB students need to take to join a school that doesn't accept IB in Germany? Can I do that after IB? Or is there anyway to somehow get my first semester report without repeating the start of the year?

Please help I don't know what to do :(

For reference: 

- I would soon get a report for my first semester in ABITUR 

- my subjects would be HL: English, German, Bio SL: Chem, History, Maths 

- I would like to study biology in the future

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