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Bio and Chemistry HL: supplementary classes?

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I have HL bio and Chem.

For next year, we have 2 free slots for classes. I have noticed a trend that most of the exams for HL group 4 subjects, overlap the material. Physics material usually is involved on the Chem exam, and some will go as far as to say they couldn't have solved the chem problem without the help of their physics class.

My 2 class options: Environmental Science AP or Physics Honors/traditional/AP (not sure what the school will decide to do).

I already took physics in pre-IB: and we only touched upon vectors and projectile motion. It was more conceptual, rather than problem solving.

Should I even waste my time to go as far as taking online Physics in order to improve my chemistry (or even biology?) score?
Or would it be more beneficial to just stay in a JA and revise my coursework.
I know I can just sit in Physics traditional/honors and take the class as a JA, do the minimum to get the A. But that would be a waste of time, cause it wont get me ready for the Ib questions which require applied knowledge.

One other thing: take a college course for chemistry at a near by college over summer?

My goal is a 7 in C & B.

any suggestions would be helpful : ]

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I can't seem to find any connection between Physics & Bio. I'm doing Chemistry SL and Bio HL and I've realised that some of the topics are related. In Biology you have Biochemistry which requires a bit of chemical knowledge. In the case of chemistry, there are options such as "Human Biochemistry" that cover some of the topics you see for Biology. I would just stick to these two. I hope that what I said is useful!

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I think you should do this physics course. It will propably help you astronimically. At least that is how i feel, You find physics in the chapter about mole calculation , you find physics in engergetics, there is physics in the chapter about equlibrium, and I also think there is some physics in the chapter conserning kinetics;) But ofc you could just sit with B and C ....

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