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English B EE

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Hi, I am writing my extended essay in english b, in literature category. I know it has to be a research work, not a descriptive essay, so I'm not sure whether my topic will be accepted. 

I wanted to write about development of a character and their adaptation to the changes around. Do you think it would be alright?

How about comparison of the two characters?

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Which work(s)? and which characters? and what is your main aim for this EE, ultimately?

You have to give many more details, otherwise I can't say much at all. No one can.

The simple answer to your question, is: "Yes, maybe" -- or "maybe not".


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I was thinking about Aria and Sansa Stark in the first Game of Thrones book - while they were still in a similar environment. 

Could it be extended to creation of female character in fantasy novel?

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First, my understanding is that the Language B literature category EE is like any other IB Literature EE. That is, it is a lot less research focused than other subjects such as history or sciences. The extent of research in Literature EE's is just looking up and reading some scholarship and citing/referencing it in your essay (agreeing or disagreeing with it). IB even explicitly say in their guide that this should just be small part of your essay and they prefer for you to analyze the work using your own original ideas. IB Literature EE's are mainly analysis, exactly what you should be doing and familiar with in your Literature class.

Second, do not "extend" your findings to all "female characters in fantasy novels". That is a sweeping generalization that you can't possibly prove, and IB reliably hate sweeping generalizations.

Writing about the development of a character/comparison and changes around that character is all good; that's typical IB lit. analysis.

Lastly, maybe I'm just a snob, but IB say that works analyzed should have sufficient "literary merit". I've never read the Game of Thrones series, but I could see a snobbish IB examiner not exactly liking that as a choice of novel. Finding credible scholarship on Game of Thrones may also be difficult; however, it's up to you if you want to do that.

Good luck. 

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