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4th Dimension Math IA

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I'm trying to come up with topic for my SL Math IA. I am particularly interested in looking into concepts related to the 4th Dimension and non-Euclidian geometry but I'm having trouble coming up with ways to add calculations into my IA. In particular, I wanted to look at the use of non-Euclidian geometry in certain modern art pieces. Any help and guidance is greatly appreciated!

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This is a difficult topic because you are discussing content outside of syllabus using a non-conventional approach. For non-Euclidean you can go into equations of quadratic surfaces. I would only do modern art if you can model the pieces and do some calculations. 4th dimension you can consider the four-vector and lorentz transformations in special relativity. Another idea is to compare projection of 4D onto 3D(or 2D) the way you project 3D onto 2D.

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