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Do the reflections for the extended essay need to be about what was discussed in the supervisor meetings?

Is it possible to reflect at a time when I feel I have made progress in the extended essay but is between supervisor meetings?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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What I've been doing is writing about stuff that happened after the supervisor meetings but also the thinking that has been affected by those meetings. E.g. I realised that my research question was too broad after talking to my supervisor, I did further research and found that this.... was more suited. If it's in between sessions I think that that's fine the RPPF means Reflections on planning and progress form. This is from the form itself:

Candidate: This form is to be completed by the candidate during the course and completion of their EE. This document records reflections on your planning and progress, and the nature of your discussions with your supervisor. You must undertake three formal reflection sessions with your supervisor: The first formal reflection session should focus on your initial ideas and how you plan to undertake your research; the interim reflection session is once a significant amount of your research has been completed, and the final session will be in the form of a viva voce once you have completed and handed in your EE. This document acts as a record in supporting the authenticity of your work. The three reflections combined must amount to no more than 500 words. 

Supervisor: You must have three reflection sessions with each candidate, one early on in the process, an interim meeting and then the final viva voce. Other check-in sessions are permitted but do not need to be recorded on this sheet. After each reflection session candidates must record their reflections and as the supervisor you must sign and date this form. 

What I think is that the supervisor sessions can be included and it certainly helps but there's also room to include other things. :) 

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Yep, you should include advice given to you by your advisor. Yeah, that's fine; just talk about what advisor said and then what you did. I should be pretty painless and stress-free. (the reflection part, that is) ;)

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