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Lab report crisis

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Hey I'm a newbie here, and I am in desperate need of some help with writing a lab report.

To tell the truth I've always been bad with writing lab reports; in my old school I didin't have to write any, and even if we did we only had to write aim, method, result, conclusion and evaluation - the simple version. Last year - year 10, 10th grade, year 11 in NZ, 1st year of High School in Korea&Japan, whatever - when I moved to my current school, I don't remember writing any either. So [b]I really have no idea about all those stuff about variables and hypothesis and et cetra.[/b] Dependent variable, independent variable and controlled variable (was it?) - they all just confuse me.

Well fortunately I had one written up in Term 2 holiday (July of this year - I'm studying in Australia) so I tried to find it, but then I couldn't find it anywhere, and of course I've forgotten everything about writing lab reports now. So I am very lost at the moment.

I have the criteria for Biology IA - I'm doing Bio SL though - but I wasn't so sure that the criteria for Chemistry and Biology IA would be the same. I do know that there is a Data Collection and Processing section and a Design section; I think the experiment I have to write my lab report on would be the Data Collection and Processing one because my teacher gave us a sheet with all the method already written on it. I'm not so sure if it has the variables and stuff on it, though, because since I'm a genius I lost that sheet as well. And yes, I am cursing myself for my own stupidity with passion at the moment.

So, in summa, here are the few questions I have to ask;

[b]1. Can anybody give me the criteria for Chemisty (HL) IA?

2. Do I still have to write down variables, hypothesis, aims and methods for the Data Collection and Processing one?

3. Wait, before that, is my experiment actually a Data Collection and Processing one or not?

4. Is an introduction absolutely necessary?

5. Oh and I'd love it if anybody could give me a hand with all those variables![/b]

You guys would be saving my life by answering these questions :P Edited by Hughie

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1. Okay, as far as I know criteria for IA are the same regardless of subject/level but im not sure; i can tell you though that they are the same for chemistry HL and SL, and since im taking chem SL i have them:

Design = 6 marks each (× 2) = 12
-Defining the problem and selecting variables: 2
-Controlling variables: 2
-Developing a method for collection of data: 2

Data Collection and Processing = 6 marks each (× 2) = 12
-Recording raw data: 2
-Processing raw data: 2
-Presenting processed data: 2

Conclusion and Evaluation = 6 marks each (× 2) = 12
-Concluding: 2
-Evaluating Procedures: 2
-Improving the investigation: 2

Manipulative Skills × 1 = 6 [This one is assessed summatively; no lab report for that one]
-Following instructions: 2
-Carrying out techniques: 2
-Working safely: 2

Personal Skills × 1 = 6 [This one is assessed only through your Group 4 Project, no lab report for that one]
-Self-motivation and perseverance: 2
-Working within a team: 2
-Self-reflection: 2

Where you get 2 marks for fulfilling the requirements fully, 1 mark for fulfilling the requirements partially, and 0 if you didn't fulfill them at all.

2. I don't know about your school, but in mine we do lab reports that incorporate design and data collection/processing and conclusion/evaluation, but i guess that if you're only doing DCP you don't need to include all that.

3. What is your experiment about? Id say that since your teacher did all the designing part and so on, it IS DCP since you had to carry out the experiment and collect data; it could be CE as well if you have to conclude something based on your data and evaluate the experiment.

4. as i said we always do all three parts in each lab report, so idk about that. I'd say it's better if you write down a brief introduction.

5. I'll cite the Chemistry Guide to answer that.
"Variables are factors that can be measured and/or controlled. Independent variables are those that are manipulated, and the result of this manipulation leads to the measurement of the dependent variable. A controlled variable is one that should be held constant so as not to obscure the effect of the independent variable on the dependent variable. The variables need to be explicitly identified by the student as the dependent (measured), independent (manipulated) and controlled variables (constants). Relevant variables are those that can reasonably be
expected to affect the outcome"
The hypothesis is basically a prediction on what will happen with the manipulation of the independent variables: that is, based on theory you say ''my hipothesis is that when I do X, Y will be the outcome".

Hopefully that helped a little. Edited by deissi

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I suggest you download sample Internal Assessment portfolios, so that you will see what it looks like. You may find them available online, try googling. You will also find them on IB Survival, but you will need to purchase VIP / wait for merit VIP to access the files.

Here's a more detailed description of (old) grade descriptors. They have changed somewhat for the new syllabus, your teacher should provide you with the newest grade descriptors, they're VITAL in writing your lab report. This is a good guideline if you can't find the newer one.

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