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Chances for mechanical engineering

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So I've applied to a few universities: UCLA, UCSD, UCIrvine, UCSB, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Georgia Tech, University of Concordia, University of Texas at Austin. My IB Predicted is 39, 2 bonus points. Last year I've been getting a total of around 38-40 from midterms. My SAT score is horrible (1250). As for activities, I've done a few things:

Built a device for charging and discharging capacitors
Organised a bake sale
Participated in TOK Conference 2017 in Istanbul
Participated in 2017 Fibonacci Games (not an international event)
Along with a classmate, made a revision app for physics. Making a TOK one now.
With half of my class, working on a tourist app for our country.
For sports I've had 4 years of Muay Thai. 

What would you say my admission chances are?

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