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Chemistry IA (Database)

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Hey guys! 

My chemistry (SL) class has already begun the Internal Assesment and I've chosen to do a database IA. I have found a few databases, and I've already read the exemplars posted on the IB site (there were only 2, I wish there were more).  My only problem is that I'm having trouble turning my ideas into reasonable research questions. I'm not asking for a research question, but could you give me some tips on how to turn ideas into viable research questions. So far I've looked into medicinal chemistry and biochemistry and I want to do something related to the structure or drugs but do you think it would be easier if I switched to doing a database IA in organic chemistry (and look at solubility, melting point...etc)? I really want to do a database IA because I'm terrible at lab work and besides, all of our class time for lab experiments is over. 

Any help would be appreciated!


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What I've been taught is that you should have a clear-cut independent and dependent variable, where you would an investigating the cause-effect relationship between them. The research question ends up being something along the lines of 

"To what extent does (independent variable) affect (dependent variable) at (blah blah specific conditions or variations youll have)?"

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