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Hello guys,

I have applied to both the UK and to IE university in Spain and I have received offers from both. However, I was wondering if I could accept my ucas offers and accept my spanish offer at the same time or am I only allowed to accept offers from one country and decline my other offer from the country? 


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Accepting an offer means you are affirming that you will be going to the university where you got the offer from.So if you got offers from a number of Spanish and UK universities, you can only accept for one and doing that naturally means you are declining the other offers from the other universities.

More importantly, congrats on your offers!  

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From what I have been told, once you put your firm choice on UCAS, the contract is legally binding. As such, I would advise you consult this with your uni coordinator. 

Then again, no-one can really force you to go if you don't want to go. 

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