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Computer Science - IA discussion thread

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Hi, I was just wondering if there was a way to make a computer science a discussion thread under the experimental science section? It seems kind of wild to me that there hasn't been one made already because it's probably one of the least talked about topics (even though the IA requirements are some of the most general and overall unhelpful). Especially since most computer science teachers probably aren't the best at teaching things like IAs (at least in my experience). 

SO after that mini rant, does anyone have any tips for the design doc (Crit B) for the IA? (My IA is a word game (similar to scrabble) in the language Java)

Thanks! (and yes I have already seen the example IAs you can find on the internet)

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I can't really comment on the first part.

Regarding the second part, I'd just advise following IB Comp. Sci. Hub to a tee. I'm assuming you've already seen it, but I'll just reiterate what it says:

  • Test Plan (there's an example of this on the page.)
  • Brief summary of methods (Write a sentence or two about the most important functions in your program and what they do. If you have small, auxiliary methods (such as accessor methods), you don't need those small ones in the list)
  • Flowchart (there are many resources for this online)
  • Graphic visualization sketch (just hand sketch on paper what your GUI looks like and the take a photo of it and include it in your IA. Technically done as planning but no one will know if you do it after completion)

The link for IB Comp. Sci. Hub. If you're still unclear about something, feel free to follow up.

Edit: FYI comp. sci. is not an experimental science in IB, it used to be but they changed it. It is now a Group 4 subject (math), so this thread should be in the other subjects sub-forum.

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