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I failed IB

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So I failed IB in the year I did it and I know I won't be getting the diploma but do I still get anything?? Like certificates or something for the subjects I did pass? I literally failed 1 out of all them and it seems unfair that I wouldn't get any credit for everything else..

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I agree. You should get credit and you will. Your scores in classes that you test in should still be acknowledged. For example, if you fail to get your diploma but get a 7 in math HL and and the university that you go to gives credit for 7's in math HL's, then you'll get credit for Math HL. You will still have your personal code and all that good stuff that lets IB verify that 7.

I don't know if IB mails anything in the mail for those who didn't get the diploma. Don't worry, the piece of paper is nothing special.

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