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History IA new format

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I am doing my History IA and I can't find any samples for the new format. I'm having trouble writing my IA because although I understand what the IB wants in terms of 'sections' (identification and evaluation of sources, Investigation and Reflection) I don't understand if I have to divide my IA in those specific sections or if it's something that my IA must have, even if it's not divided. If anyone has a good example of this new format I would really appreciate it!

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Here are a few examples: http://www.brentnell.org/home/ib-history/ib-internal-assessment-introduction/2017-ia-history-exemplars

You should end up dividing your IA into specific sections. After your title page/title/whatever shows your research question, you start with section 1 and explicitly name it "Section 1: Identification and Evaluation of Sources". Here, you need to introduce your research question (and restate it even though you already state it in the title) and introduce two of your sources which you will evaluate for values and limitations with reference to origin/purpose/content. That takes approximately 500 words.

Next, section 2 should be "Section 2: Investigation", which is where you essentially write up your paper like any IB History paper, citing your sources along the way (citations do not go into word count). That's approximately 1300 words.

Finally, section 3 is "Section 3: Reflection", where you reflect on how your experience made you recognize the methods historians use to analyze history and what they are limited by. You can find more information on that in the IB History guide. Word count is approximately 400 words.

Then, of course, a bibliography (and possibly an appendix if you so choose).

The word counts above are recommended; you can technically have a 200-word section 1 and a 1500-word section 2, but no matter what, all three must total to no more than 2200 words (the titles that say "Section _..." don't count for word count).

Hope that helps, and I wish you the best of luck on your IA!

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Thank you! It is much clearer now with the examples and the explanation. I'll show this to my teacher because I think he was also confused about this!

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