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HELP with physics EE topic - Special Relativity and ... ?

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I want to write my extended essay on physics, and do it on special relativity. I have two possible topics (not well defined yet): 

1.- Special relativity's time dilation proven by muon decay

2.- Special relativity effect on magnetism (i.e. why non permanent magnets work when electricity is conducted through them, from a special relativity approach) 

Now, these two topics are something I'm really interested in. I really wanted to do an EE on astrophysics but I think is better if I stop at relativity. The question here is, are any of my topics appropriate? How can I achieve an 'original' approach with them? Any suggestion on narrowing the area of study for my RQ? 

Since the EE would be obviously theoretical, what else can I add or take into consideration to get into a high grade band? I really need help, since this is something urgent.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer!:irene:

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