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Math HL IA Queue Theory

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Finally found an IA Topic after weeks of researching.

Planned to do something on queuing theory. Read through it and understood that it's mainly calculation with arrival rate, time to wait before reaching the end of queue etc. (Correct me if I'm wrong). 

I'm just not sure how an IA is supposed to look like when applying queue theory. Choose a situation and start investigating the values? Is it just that? Is there suppose to be more to it than just calculations. Just felt quite sceptical and had to ask.

Anyone out there who has done queuing theory before is kind enough to share with me your experience or even example IAs?

And also any other tips to find new topics if mine is not feasible and tips while doing my IAs? Like what to focus on?

Any Sample IAs are welcome :)

Thank You so Much!

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The best IAs definitely have at least a good extent of theoretical discussions rather than just plugging numbers in. You should also do your best to draw connections between queuing theory and the syllabus.

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On 2/21/2018 at 1:55 AM, david fan said:

I'm doing queuing theory as well !!! except I'm just as lost as you are. Did you get any further on your IA?

Yes, I did manage to do it. It is tough, but a lot of reading and UNDERSTANDING is required. Try reading up the basics first such as M/M/1. 

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