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Doing an EE in a subject I don't do. Help?

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I am a first year IB student and its coming close to the deadlines for our EE proposals to be handed in. I took geography HL over History, because I needed geography for the course I want to do in uni. However for my EE I'm really keen on doing it in History even though I didn't take it. I did it for my igcse and scored really well on my coursework which in a way is a shortened and much more dumbed down version of an EE. I know that I am allowed to write an EE on a subject that I don't do but I also know that it isn' recommended. I've looked through so many forums and for the most part people suggest steering clear from subjects you don't do. However, many of them havent done history before. I really am interested in looking at the Policy of apartheid in South Africa. Please help! I'm really stressed out about it. 

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History is certainly one of the more doable EE's in terms of writing on a subject you don't take in IB. If you read enough examplars, you'll get a feel for what's expected. I think you should do that and then see how you feel about doing an EE in history. 

And use OPVL, which is just IB History's acronym for critically evaluating your sources as you draw information from them. That being said, I think guidance is very important in writing a History EE, so you'd preferably have a mentor who's experienced.

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