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Chemistry Titration IA

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I've been doing my IA and I got feedback from my teacher, but I feel like a lot of it is asking for redundancy.

I have some pieces of data that I use as the base of my calculations, then at the end I reference it again to wrap it all up. I have my in text reference when I first give the data, but my teacher says I should cite them again when I restate the data later on. This kind of thing occurs in several places, where she wants me to cite things I've already cited before. 

In the Data Analysis, we're used to doing all our calculations then doing propagation of uncertainties right afterward, as its own section. Her feedback says to put the propagation of uncertainties after each step in the analysis. She didn't mention deleting the other section, though, and I feel like it would cause a lot of distraction in the analysis. 

Opinions? I plan to talk with my teacher in person to clarify, but I'd like to hear what other people have done. 

Thanks!! :D

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