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IB entrance exam for grade 10?

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Alright so I'm applying for the pre-ib program at Colonel by for 10th grade. My entrance exam is on the 20th of Jan. It said on my "ticket" that I'm getting tested on grade 8 math and english, even though that's what it said am I going to get tested on 9th grade material because that's the grade I'm in at the moment instead of grade 8 math/english? I haven't written the test last year for grade 9 so I have no clue what's going to happen so if anyone knows if a current grade 9 student would get tested on 9th grade material that would be great thanks.

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They're probably testing standard grade 8 math/english curriculum to keep things fair. Schools aren't going to be at the same point in the curriculum; some will be way ahead in terms of covering Grade 9 material and some will be at a more slower pace. 

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