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Citations in Chemistry EE

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I am a senior attempting to finish their EE in Chemistry. More specifically, radioactive chemistry and atomic structure. I am investigating how an elements radiation will be blocked using two different materials. Since my EE is in chemistry and is an experiment of my own design, how much citing is actually necessary? Do I need as much as a history essay, do I need no citations? I have searched google, but an EE in Chem with graders comments has not been found. If anyone could help, it would be appreciated. 

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I'm not familiar with the guidelines for the chemistry EE nor do I remember the amount of citations in the few examples I read, but citations really are black and white in a certain sense. If you are using knowledge that is not common and that you did not personally hypothesize and conclude, then that should be cited. A possible example of this would be citing information used to explain an underlying concept that is assumed. This might be in the intro. Say I'm writing an EE on how soil acidity affects plant growth (sorry, this is kind of bio-ish but hopefully you get the idea). In the intro I might state that I'm controlling soil moisture levels, because soil moisture levels are correlated in difference in plant growth. It would then be appropriate to cite a study with this finding. When you are analyzing your own data and making conclusions, you're probably less likely to need to cite stuff but you can if need be.

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