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Hi, I am 10th grade student currently in American British Academy school Oman. I have somewhat picked my DP subjects already but I wanted to ask you guys which ones are the hardest and easiest. 

Also I don't have any experience and prior knowledge with Geo. Will prior knowledge be needed to take HL? Is it difficult without prior Knowledge? How will I mostly be assessed? ( Projects, Tests, Presentations, All?)

  • HL Geo 
  • HL Econ or Buissness
  • HL Physics
  • SL Math
  • SL Eng Lang Lit
  • SL French
  • TOK

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I am not sure about HL Geo but as you say that you have no prior knowledge , I would suggest you to read some basics of geography and gain some knowledge about the subject. The IB DP unlike other curriculum is not assessed by only external examination and it requires you to do IA's for all your subjects. For example, the economics IA requires you to submit a portfolio of three commentaries , each on an article from three different sections of the syllabus. An extended essay of 4000 words is also required. 

As for difficulty, don't worry too much. Your subjects are manageable.

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Hardest tends to be Physics (at least for most) and TOK and, if you are new to French then count this in too. A lot depends on your interests and background, of course, so if you are bent toward the (hard) Sciences then you will only consider it "challenging" at worst than "hard". Hard is usually reserved for those things that we don't like so much or would prefer not to do. Anyway, your course selection looks balanced, so you'll do fine. Just be sure to keep up with tasks and homework. Falling behind in this will make IB really hard. A word to the wise.

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