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I have to write the written task for my English A:Language and Literature course. I have chosen a topic from Part 1 of the course, Language and Power. I thought about taking the perspective of a political leader who talks about the perils of poverty and methods to alleviate it.

My source is  ttps://www.brookings.edu/research/what-are-the-presidential-candidates-saying-about-poverty-and-opportunity/

Now, my question is whether this is an appropriate source for the topic.

EDIT- This could also be from part 2 of the English Language and Literature Course and more specifically from 'Language and presentation of speeches and campaigns'.

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Hi Vighnesh,

That's fine that you do a speech and show your understanding and knowledge of the conventions of the genre "speech".

However, and even more importantly, you must show your knowledge and understanding of some aspect of language/literature, which forms the content of your course -- for example, language change or language and power or whatnot.

"Poverty and methods to alleviate the problem" is therefore inappropriate for your English A. PM me if you like, I browse my inbox more than the threads.

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