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Question about Canadian Grade 10 pre-IB (Help would be appreciated plz)

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Hi I hope all is doing well. 

So, I was late for the application of grade 9 pre-IB so I am going to school at a regular grade 9 level. I am now going into grade 10 pre-IB beginning next August. I know I will do fine in most subjects but I am mainly concerned about mathematics, science and French. For both math and science I am quite strong (in the 90s for the most part) but I understand for math that you do grade 10 IB math AND functions (which is regularly in grade 11). So I'm simply wondering if I can manage those courses coming from a regular grade 9 math program. As for science, I am not really worried because this is one of my stronger suites but any key points that may stand out would be appreciated. In terms of French and English, that is where my concerns lie with the most. I don't have French this semester so I can't throw a grade out there but again the question remains -  how different is it from the regular school curriculum? (Wondering the same for English)


I would appreciate any help as always.


(By the way, I live in Canada in the province of Ontario)

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Don't worry everything should be fine. Math should not be difficult for you as you get 90s on your tests. However you will have different types of examinations for all the subjects ( MYP style). Nealry all your tests for Math and Science and Maybe french could be broken up into levels. For example there will be a Level 1-2 type question , Level 3-4, Level 5-6, and Level 7-8. If you don't achieve questions from a level ie ( Level 5-6) and even though you got level 7-8 questions correct, you could be stuck with a grade of 4-5. That is the most annoying thing about MYP tests. They are in levels. This is also the way they format the tests in science and maybe french. Also for Math you will be tested in 4 criteria s ( Criteria A,B,C,D) 

Criteria A are your cumulative tests or unit tests

Criteria B is finding patterns in sequences ( Also in levels)

Criteria C is Communicating Mathematics

Criteria D is Application of mathematics in real life

I found BCD tests quiet difficult because you really need to think very hard. You also need to have a clear mind before going into the exam


Tests should be the same format as your math tests 


You will also need to do an essay or presentation ( Criteria D)



French tests are very interesting because they are also split into four criterias

Criteria A ( Listening test)

Criteria B ( Reading test)

Criteria C ( Communicating in responce to spoken word ( Oral) )

Criteria D (Using language in written form or oral form ) This can be used in an oral or written task

Since you live in Canada, I highly recommend you to take external classes right now to boost your french. You could get very confused during classes if you don't know french



Dont worry too much about it. You should mostly get projects , written tasks or speeches


Note: Look at the criteria and strands for each subject. This is very important. It will help you get a feel how the tests will be like.


Don't worry you will do very well this year and the following year. :D




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I don't think you are taking MYP tests because you said pre-IB. It is unlikely you will go much beyond grade 10 functions in math. For French B depending on SL or HL, you will be asked to give oral presentations and produce written texts in your final grade 12 exams, rather than grammar tests you might have had in grade 9. I don't think grade 9 and 10 in Ontario curriculum cover any depth in science at all, so definitely they will get much harder in grade 11.

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